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First GenerationEdit

  • Kaleb, Sam and Ange arrive at the clocktower
  • Kaleb runs away. Sam and Ange go after him.
  • 1893 is found near his human body and his soul is placed into the make-shift Stitchpunk beside it. Due to his appearance, he hides from the others
  • Alpha and Beta are found by 2. The avoid all other stitchpunks, choosing to hide in the library.
  • 23 is found by 2 when skewered and taken back to the Clock Tower
  • 1 bears 18 and 81
  • 11 bears 21 in secret
  • 42 is found in the Emptiness
  • 2 finds 196 injured in the Emptiness and repairs her.
  • 7 bears 35
  • 42 turns, and nearly kills 2 and 9 before the talisman throws a soul into her body.
  • Doctor Ace kidnaps 21 from the Clock Tower
  • 11 bears 66
  • 519 finds the Clock Tower and settles
  • 99's soul is placed into her body by 9, near an old military hospital.
  • 6 begins to have powerful visions of two littles, brother and sister and strangely, they appear to be his babies. He realizes with a shock who will carry them, and they must be born no matter what. 9 believes him and reluctantly agrees to have one, then another like 6 has said.
  • Spiral and no's camp discovered by 3 and 4. They go with them to the Clock Tower, and settle there.
  • 9 bears 15
  • 4 and Spiral have their first child, Swirl
  • 9 bears 54
  • 7 bears 57
  • Alpha and Beta go to see 2 when they experience headaches and they each lose vision in one eye. 2 does his best to repair them and encourages them to stay in the Clock Tower more often.
  • 15 is kidnapped by 519. He's found just outside the Clock Tower later by 9, who thinks he just wandered off and experienced a vivid nightmare out of fright.
  • Nana and Go are brought to life after 6 had a vision of twin girls, imploring 2 to build the bodies, leading them into the emptiness to find them [Editor's note: I don't know the code to get Nana's and Go's names to appear correctly. If anyone else can edit this, that would be great]
  • Spiral bears 25 and 52
  • 97's soul is detected by Nana and Go near 196 and 99, and placed into her body.

Second GenerationEdit

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Third GenerationEdit

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Fourth GenerationEdit

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