About Me Hey! In this page you will learn about about me (if you haven't already guessed)! I am very artistic and love to draw, sew, and write. I love anime and manga and that's what I usually draw. I have few, but very loyal and good friends. I LOVE wolves! They are so AWESOME! My favorite color is forest green. My favorite types of music is Pop, Synth-Pop, Techno, J-Tech, Electronica, and I also like rock such as Linkin Park and stuff like that. My favorite movies are "9" by Shane Acker (Best movie EVER) and "Coraline". My favorite shows are Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Ghost Lab, Ghost Hunters, Unwrapped, and The PowerPuff Girls! My Favorite books (this is going to be hard) are Ender's Game, The Harry Potter series, the Septimus Heap series, the Artemis Fowl series, and Zaregoto Book 1: The Kubikiri Cycle. My personality is kinda wierd; around my friend I go completely crazy but around adults I am polite and well behaved. It's ironic how adults... well, respect me more than people my age (other than my friends). If you hurt or offend a friend or family member remember to wear a suit of armor because I will kick your ass so hard. Yep that's me in word form =D

My OCsEdit

Kaleb- The little of Sam and Ange. Kid-ish Like 3 and 4 but can be very serious at times. He is adopted by 191. Samuel- The 1st creation of Johnathan. He was originaly supposed to be the "girl" of the group. He is extremely tall. Is deceased. Angela - The 2nd creation. She is the "girl" of the group. She is very nice and kind hearted but can be very overbearing sometimes. Is deceased. John - Was found by Sam and Ange. He has almost no soul in him, doesn't talk much, and stares balankly into space sometimes. He gave up his body so it could become Kaleb's. Is deceased. 331- Sara Rogan as a human. Was put into her stitchpunk body by Kaleb. Is shy and slightly meek. 74- The oldest of 331 and Kaleb's fraternal twins. Book smart, very careful and warry. 47- The youngest of 331 and Kaleb's twins. Outgoing, strong willed, and fierce. Gyfu- Was Zane Skullbek as a human. Put into his stitchpunk body by some unkown stitchpunk. Is 245's mate and has leadership qualities about him.